It takes courage

(Written by: Misty Weyer)

“We want to be an example to the community and to show people that they can have love for children even if they have Cerebral Palsy (CP)”.

Frovian Mokoena and Gracious Mumi are leading a new path in the Matikwana community, in rural Mpumalanga.

Frovian is mother to Faizel a cheerful young boy with CP and Gracious had a daughter Meagan who passed away early last year. They have both been trained to work with other mothers of children with CP and even after losing Meagan, Gracious is still determined to make a difference in her community with Frovian at her side.


Them with their kids

Left: Frovian with Faizel; Right: Gracious with Meagan


It takes extreme courage for a mother of a child with CP to stand tall and face her world and it takes a big heart for her to accept who she is and what she is made of. She will never be able to accept her child if she does not accept herself first. Stigma around children with CP in rural communities often leads to mothers feeling like they are inadequate and not good enough for anything or anyone. They live out their struggles alone and any dreams they may have had become trampled by the hurtful remarks and shameful glares they receive from those around them.



Gracious working with her late daughter Meagan


Left: Frovian teaching Faizel to put his shoes on independently; Right: Frovian working at her salon


Frovian and Gracious have kicked self-pity aside and have gone against the grain to be a source of motivation and hope to themselves and to the other mothers in their community. Their goal is for the entire community to understand “CP as way of life” where children with CP and their mothers are able to participate in community life, free of judgement and rejection. They endeavour to do this and make use of every opportunity available to them, even though their work has not yet been funded. Our goal is to support Frovian and Gracious financially so that children with CP in their community have a supportive environment in which to flourish. Although Frovian runs her own salon to support her family, reaching other mothers with a story of hope and a positive future is the work that really matters to her.

Both Frovian and Gracious are able to assist at their local service, run workshops on CP for other caregievrs and family members and conduct home visits to support other mothers and caregivers at home. These home visits involve helping the mother to understand CP and accept her child, problem-solving daily challenges and adjusting a child's equipment to fit them well. Frovian and Gracious have great potential to make a sustainable change to their community and you can help us support them by making a monthly recurring donation towards their work. Not only will you provde employment for two courageous women, but an entire community can be transformed through them.


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